Linn (Bordered)Mekall have built an enviable reputation in the supply of components to the Premium Consumer Goods industry. Our attention to detail and exacting standards ensure that our customers can rely on us to deliver market leading designs with highest levels of quality and reliability.

From ‘hidden until lit’ designs to LED illuminated switching, Mekall can design and supply many different solutions to complement leading edge items from the premium consumer goods industries. Our broad ranging capabilities often mean that our customers rely on us for many aspects of their manufacturing requirements.

We often work with our premium goods clients through prototype stages, providing different solutions until a final design is chosen, at which point we supply in larger volumes.

It goes without saying that the quality of the items we supply must be of the highest level consistently; our attention to detail and aim to always delight our customers have enabled us to form strong long term relationships with suppliers of some world leading consumer items.


Case Study


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Mekall and Linn

“Working in Perfect Harmony”




Linn Products make the world’s finest audio systems.  Each system is a work of art combined with the latest technology to offer true to life sound.  In fact they are so proud of each system that it is given a cast-iron five year warranty and is individually signed by the craftsperson that made it.

The company is equally meticulous in its choice of suppliers.  It has been working with Mekall, a specialist engineering company based in Glasgow for 25 years.  Mekall specialize in screen printing, manufacturing of membranes and other such components.

Until recently Mekall’s main role was to supply a range of polycarbonate labels for Linn products.  These would be used to carry technical information or as insulators to form a barrier between the casing and live components.  However, last year the company was brought in to advise on production of new components for a new system from Linn – the Kiko – a compact digital streaming system which is now the entry-level model and has already gathered rave reviews from critics and audiophiles alike.

Mekall were asked to produce the composite layer side panels and screen print the translucent front display panel for the Kiko unit.  Doug Anderson, engineering draughtsman at Linn takes up the story: “The 2mm thick side panels needed to be of a very high quality material and precision engineered to fine tolerances.  Mekall had just invested in a new computer controlled precision cutting system that they felt could do the job.  They worked closely with us to find the material which worked.  Nothing was too much trouble and they were painstaking in their attention to detail.”

Doug continued: “The front display panel also posed a number of challenges.  The display symbols and Linn logo were to be screen printed on both sides of the translucent panel.  Mekall went to extensive lengths to source the right inks.  It was vital that the panel was scratch resistant and the printing was clearly defined to enhance the user experience.  Mekall really went the extra mile by finding various samples and working through numerous options with us until the right solution was found.  They push the boundaries and keep going until the problem is resolved.  I believe they share Linn’s passion for perfection and this makes them great to work with.”

Wherever possible Linn like to manufacture every part that goes into a system themselves at their state of the art factory just outside Glasgow but when they do outsource they demand the same quality standards from suppliers.  Stewart Knowles, buyer for the Kiko system said: “Mekall’s quality standards have been exceptional with very few returns on this unit.  We also know that any materials sourced through Mekall comply with all the relevant international standards and accreditations so we don’t need to worry about this.”

He added: “I would say some 90% of our units have some component supplied from Mekall in them whether it be a label or panel.  They are definitely one of our top tier suppliers and very nice people to work with into the bargain.  We see it as a partnership where we collaborate to find a solution.  Mekall frequently introduce new production ideas which will save us time and money.”

Linn celebrates its 40th year in business this year.  During this time it has dominated the high-end audio market and continues to innovate with its range of digital audio streaming products.  From its beginning making the “world’s best turntable” – the company has grown to employ 170 highly skilled engineers and technicians at its Eaglesham base in Scotland.