Membrane Switches and Membrane Control Panels.

Membrane switches are part of a membrane keypad or keyboard, They are used for many applications in the industrial world and in the home, most commonly found on the front panel of the household microwave. There are many advantages our membrane switches have to offer your project and you can find a number of them below.

Made to fit any shape – customised panels can be cut to any shape or size allowing them to fit almost any space.

Cost savings – membrane keypads are very economical to produce.

Advantages over conventional push button panels – easy to clean, sealed buttons prevent dirt ingress into switch contacts.

Protection – combination of the materials used and sealed design protect the keypads against moisture and chemical deterioration.

Different backing options – adhesive backing or metal back plate fully finished with fixing studs, or similar, as required.

Replacements and refurbishment of older equipment – we can match and often enhance the functionality of such equipment with our high quality products.

Why Choose Mekall?

25 + years of experience of sub-contact manufacture – Mekall have been manufacturing in the UK for 25 years to a diverse range of clients from aerospace and defence to agricultural markets.

We are ISO 9001 certified – confidence in our high standards of quality in operational efficiency and performance.

Fast turnaround prototypes – experienced team and expertise in working with new concepts and prototypes.

Stay on budget – Mekall owns a full production facility which allows us to deliver very competitive rates.

Support – our experienced friendly, helpful staff assist you through all stages of your product evolution.

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