Membrane Keypad Manufacturer

Membrane Keypads are found in everyday life on items such as exercise machines, office printers and copiers, and various appliances in the home including microwave ovens and TV remote controls. They are extensively used to control machinery in factories and laboratories.

Custom design – we specially design membrane keypads to meet your specifications.

Wide range of switch types – such as tactile, polydome and non-tactile.

Integrated lighting solutions – using surface mount LED’s.

Built in shielding – we can also build in shielding for RFI/EMC protection.

Reliability – dome switches have been tested to 1 million actuations.

Attractive appearance – visually stunning professional screen printed panels can incorporate any design, colours or logos you want.

Six reasons why you should choose us.

25 Years of experience – with more than 25 years’ of sub-contact manufacture, Mekall have been manufacturing in the UK for clients in the aerospace, defence, agricultural, instrumentation, fitness and premium consumer goods markets.

Quality Assurance – we are an ISO 9001 Certified Quality Assured UK company.

State-of-the-art equipment – enables us to produce samples for you quickly and easily.

Keeping your costs down – our own full production facilities allow us to deliver very competitive rates.

Fast delivery of prototypes – our design team are available to turn your concept designs into products.

Support – our experienced friendly, helpful staff assist you through all stages of your product evolution.

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