Membrane Keyboard Manufacturer

Are you looking to have a membrane keyboard refurbished? One of the services we provide to clients is helping them refurbish or replace old, sometimes obsolete, membrane keyboard and keypads. We are often able to exceed their expectations by enhancing the functionality of the older version.

Breathing new life into older equipment – we are used to helping clients design replacements and refurbish older equipment. We can help you match and often enhance the functionality of such equipment with our experience and high quality products.

Custom design – we also custom design membrane keypads to meet your specifications.

Enhanced colours and finish – we can often improve the finish of many refurbishments with additional screen printing to breathe a new lease of life into its appearance and operation.

Our membrane keypads can fit into any shape – One of the best qualities about membrane keypads is that they can be totally redesigned when retro fitting into almost any shape, size or space. This means, with a bit of creativity, you can sometimes add additional buttons and LED lighting if your circuitry can support it.

Mekall can deliver your customised requirements

25 years of experience – we are 25 year veterans in the electronics industry and have many happy clients we service regularly.

Extensive experience in retro fitting – we have become experts at refurbishing all kinds of membrane keyboards and keypads.

Quality Assured – you can have confidence in our work as we are a certified ISO 9001 UK company.

We are here to help you – our experienced friendly, helpful staff are here to support you through all stages of your product.

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