Instrumentation 1 BFrom hand-held devices to portable or fixed systems, Mekall are the market leader in the supply of control boards and membrane products such as switches and panels to the Instrumentation industry. Materials and designs are chosen to meet the expected environment of use, ensuring long life and reliable performance.

Our membrane panels come with the benefits of moisture, dust and chemical resistance, making them ideal for use in many different challenging environments. High reliability and long life are assured.

Mekall often supply replacement products to repair old or damaged devices and systems, we can cost effectively refurbish such items, often enhancing performance beyond the original functionality.


 Case Study 1

RWAP Software - support for Sinclair QL, ZX Spectrum, Cambridge Z88 and more

Mekall takes RWAP Back To The Future

RWAP services the needs of a surprisingly large group of existing users for retro computers by supplying spares for 1980s machines such as the Sinclair QL and ZX Spectrum.

The issue RWAP had was finding replacement keyboards for these well-used and well-loved computers.   After extensive searching in the UK and overseas RWAP managing director Rich Mellor found Mekall – a Glasgow-based engineering firm who specialize in the manufacture of membrane circuits who could manufacture keyboards to his specifications.

Rich said: “Mekall were willing to work with us to produce small production runs.  We did not require thousands of units and Mekall were willing to be flexible.  I found it very easy to communicate with them as they did not give me the ‘hard sell’.  Also I found the quality of their samples to be exceptional.  They have worked closely with us to develop a range of different membrane thicknesses and technologies to match, or improve upon, the different technologies used over 30 years ago.”

He continued: “Since starting work with Mekall in 2010 we have found the company to be very reliable and quick to respond to feedback on how their products could be improved to help address issues.  Quality has been excellent, after some initial fine tuning, they quickly met my requirements.  Our relationship has also worked well with regards to creating a just in time ordering system, where, in liaison with ourselves, partial orders have been delivered, with remaining stock delivery timed to arrive as required.  They have always kept to budget and quotations provided and have always delivered on what they promised.”

“In summary, I would say we have found the production and sales team at Mekall very helpful and easy to work with.  They obviously take pride in their products and we are glad to work with them in continuing support for 1980’s computers such as the Sinclair ZX81, Sinclair ZX Spectrum and Sam Coupe.   It is also good to know that due to their pricing structure and our relationship we can provide replacement keyboard parts at an affordable price for enthusiasts of rarer retro computers such as the Enterprise 64 and I look forward to working with them on future projects.”


Case Study 2


Design Engineers Find Blueprint For Label Success With Mekall

Blueprint Design Engineering is a specialist design, engineering and manufacturing company based in Cumbria.  The company is involved in the development and manufacture of hi-tech electronic products ranging from underwater sonar systems to power station cleaning equipment.

The company first started using Mekall for product label printing two years ago following a recommendation from one of Mekall’s existing clients.

James Barratt, director, Blue Print Design Engineering said: “We had an urgent deadline for a small number of labels and Mekall quoted within 24 hours and promised delivery within our tight deadline.  We have used them ever since for our product label printing.   I would give them ten out of ten for reliability, quality and keeping to deadline and budgets. Moreover, they are a very nice company to deal with.”

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Case Study 3



Mekall Measure Up To Bowers’ Exacting Standards

Bowers Metrology is recognized as one of the world’s leading bore gauge manufacturers and leads the field in the area of internal measurement.

Since 1990 Mekall has supplied the company with a wide variety of screen printed labels which Bowers use to brand their instruments.

“Mekall produces a high quality label at a reasonable cost,” said Michael Denton, design and development director at Bowers Metrology.  “They have always been willing to be flexible and are very reliable in keeping to cost and delivering by deadlines.”

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