Health and FitnessMekall products can be found throughout the Health and Fitness industry, from simple labels and fascia graphics to full control panels for various pieces of equipment.

Equipment in the health and fitness sector typically benefit from the use of membrane panel technology for interaction and control. Mekall membrane products provide an interface that is moisture and dust proof, allowing safe use with sweaty hands, and easy clean down after use, with no risk of damage to the controls.

We can supply different integrated switching systems with tactile feedback so that the user knows that the button press has been registered. This can be ideal for use on equipment such as treadmills where the user may otherwise find it difficult to know that their command has been registered.

Mekall offer a full custom design service, allowing the product to be styled and laid out as required for functionality and form. We can also offer a refurbishment service, replacing old and malfunctioning panels with new, giving old equipment new life.