Aerospace and Defence 2 Bgraphic overlay is typically used as part of a control panel to give indication of the functions of buttons, switches, and similar.

Graphic overlays can be used for many different applications in fields such as electronics, medical, aerospace, automotive and white goods. Characteristics such as surface finish and multiple colour requirements can be catered for and the result will be hard wearing, attractive and personalised. The overlays will be accurately produced to fit around and over features of the item they will be attached to, and are typically adhesive backed for easy fitment.

Mekall often supply complete fascia panels, which are typically graphic overlays mounted onto steel or aluminium back plates. These will be designed and supplied to meet your requirements and will incorporate desired fastening and location solutions.



Image 1 Graphic Overlay B Image 2 Graphic Overlay B Image 3 Graphic Overlay B

Image 4 Graphic Overlay B