Screen Printed Graphic Overlays

Often seen used in remote controls for projectors and electronic gates also used on exercise cycles and other sports training equipment. Graphic overlays can be adhered to all kinds of fascia displays, keypads and panels.

Wide range of self-adhesive options – a variety of strong 3M adhesive backings are available.

Will always look as good as new – the colours, graphic and text will be as clear as the day it was manufactured. Our reverse printing method seals all the colours this means your graphic overlay will always look as good as new.

Freedom to design anything you want - an overlay is literally your blank canvas to colour, shape, create transparent windows for displays, barcodes, serial numbers or for any other function you desire.

Hard wearing - made from tough polycarbonate means overlays are wear, abrasion and stain resistant

Raised graphics - embossing around borders, text, logos and picture graphics.

Economical – our state of the art equipment helps to keep quality high and your costs down.

Let there be light - we can help you to incorporate additional lighting solutions to your design using surface mount LEDs.

You can trust Mekall to deliver

25 Years of Experience – with more than 25 years of sub-contact manufacture Mekall have been manufacturing in the UK for clients in the Aerospace, Defence, Agricultural, Instrumentation, Fitness and Premium Consumer Goods markets.

Quality Assurance – we are an ISO 9001 Certified Quality Assured UK company.

Fast delivery of samples & support - our design team are used to helping clients turn their concept designs into products. Our experienced friendly, helpful staff assist you through all stages of your product evolution.

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