Custom printed switches made to your design

Mekall are experts in delivering custom printed switches, these are often part of a membrane keypad. The advantages are the switches are very tough and the printing around the switch can be reverse printed onto a plastic film. The film then acts as part of the switch as it is used as the top layer and in effect seals all the printing and the connectors for the switch. This means it prevents dirt and moisture getting into the contacts, and prevents the important printed information for the switch from being rubbed off.

Durable membrane and long lasting – Switches are made from tough materials made to cope with daily wear and tear means the printing on the switch will not rub off over time.

Stunning labels that create strong visual impression – Quality screen printed labels benefiting from a full colour matching service.

Extensive choice of options that puts you in control – A variety of materials, designs, colours and size that allow customised printing to look the way you planned.

Freedom to design what you want – The panel around the switches can contain information or detail about the switches operation, grouping of switches even a graphical representation visually showing operation the switch performs.

Design and support – Our experienced in-house designers are here to help you achieve the results you are looking for we can help you with design and advice should you need it.

What makes Mekall the right choice for you?

Quality Assurance – We are an ISO 9001 Certified Quality Assured UK company.

Keeping your costs down – Our own full production facilities allow us to deliver very competitive rates.

Support – Our experienced friendly, helpful staff assist you through all stages of your product evolution.

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