High Quality Custom Printed Stickers

Custom printed stickers have several applications but are commonly found on the back of electrical panels used in industrial and consumer hardware.

Sometimes called branding stickers they can be easily adapted for use on almost any electrical device including telephone and access control systems, medical equipment and industrial control devices, as well as many household personal devices and appliances.

Additional benefits our stickers provide to our clients:

A durable sticker designed to withstand wear and tear – Resistant to chemicals and moisture custom stickers are tough and can be easily cleaned.

Stylish stickers that compliment your product – High quality custom printed stickers have endless variations and are designed to enhance devices and appliances. Logos can also be incorporated into the design to promote your branding.

Customised pre-cut stickers keep costs low and saves time – Easy to fit over panels, buttons and fascia panels.

Material selection to suit any purpose - E.g. polycarbonate films can be used to create your custom stickers.

Colour selection that gives you more choice – Custom stickers are subject to subsurface printing techniques that give you a stunning long lasting finish and the freedom to create whatever you want.

Design and support – In-house designers help you get the right result by recommending the finish and adhesive that should be used.

Why you should choose Mekall

Fast delivery of samples – Our design team are here to turn your concept ideas into your products quickly!

25 Years of Experience – With more than 25 years as a sub-contract manufacturer Mekall have been working in the UK with clients such as Aerospace, Defence, Agricultural, Instrumentation, Fitness and Premium Consumer Goods markets.

Quality Assurance – we are an ISO 9001 Certified Quality Assured UK company.

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