New Label Capability

Mekall have recently added new label making technology that has allowed us to broaden the range that we can offer. Now available are tamper proof labels, bar codes, unconventional shapes and sequentially numbered labels. For further information click … Continued

Back to the Future

Mekall have been working with UK based company RWAP to refurbish classic computers such as the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64. The story has been covered by Electronic Product Design & Test, you can view the article by … Continued

Aerospace and Defence

Mekall have been supplying directly to customers in the Aerospace and Defence industries for many years. From rugged ‘field proven’ control boards and membrane panel products that are resistant to moisture and chemicals, to simple warning labels and … Continued

Concept to Completion

From concept design to machining, mechanical assembly and various surface finishing options such as painting anodising and alochroming, Mekall will take your requirements from concept to completion