AgriculturalSometimes the key requirements from our customers are simple design, robust manufacture and ease of use- this is typically the case in the agricultural industry.

Where equipment controls must stand up to damp and dirty environments, gloved hands, year round use with wide temperature fluctuation and other such challenges, Mekall are very experienced in supplying equipment that performs without problem.

As well as supply for new equipment, we can cost effectively repair or replace old or damaged switchgear, often enhancing and improving original designs.

We often supply membrane keypads for control of various types of agricultural equipment, both mobile and fixed position.

Our customers know that Mekall products will provide the durability and  consistency they require without compromising the functionality and ease of use that is wanted.


Case Study

Agricultural Electronics Specialist 

Grows with Mekall’s Support


David King Electronics, established in 1991, is the UK’s largest independent private company specializing in the repair of agricultural electronics.  The company has relied on Mekall for the past eight years for the supply of membrane keypads and graphic overlays.

“Mekall were initially introduced to us at a major electronics show.  We had a requirement for small volume runs of a variety of membrane keypads and graphical overlays used on a wide number of agricultural control and instrument panels.  Mekall were very helpful and demonstrated they had the proper engineering skills, machines and tooling to produce the products required,” said David King, managing director.

He added: “I have found Mekall to be very flexible to work with.  They are very responsive to suggestions we make and tailor their products to our requirements.     Very often the type of connectors used in agricultural electronics can prove quite challenging and Mekall has worked with us to work out practical and cost-effective solutions.”

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